Anastasis accepts bookings as they are requested. To book a program, please contact Artistic Director, Rachel Gustafson. We look forward to working with you!


Anastasis offers a number of options for programs. Performance lengths vary and can be personalized to accommodate your event. Programs are generally categorized as Full-, Half- or Mini-programs.

- Full programs (approx. 1-1 ½ hours) are ideal for a special event or evening service/outreach.

- Half-programs (30-45 min.) are perfect for school chapels, smaller events/services and as a part of a larger event/program.

- Mini-programs (1-3 songs) are designed to fit into church services and events with a specific message or purpose.


A variety of choreography is available to choose from. All of our pieces are listed on the Repetoire section of our website. “Testimony” and “Handel's Messiah Ballet” are our most current pieces, though you may also find that a piece from the “Library” section fits your event best. You may also view clips of some of our most recent repertoire in the Media section of our website under the Videos link. 

Commissioned Choreography

Anastasis does accept commissions for new works upon special request. We are happy to collaborate with your organization and tailor our art to your event. We are able create pieces for a specific space, to a specific song and with a particular number of dancers.  Please speak with Artistic Director, Rachel Gustafson for more information regarding special music requests.

Space Requirements

Minimum stage/floor space requirement is 20 feet deep by 30 feet wide for shorter programs and 30 feet deep and 40 feet wide for one of the company's full programs. Surface must be level and is best if it is smooth; however, indoor/outdoor carpeting is workable. All cords, plugs, mic stands, instruments, etc. must be removed from the stage prior to Anastasis set up. If the facility is equipped with a sound system, please specify preferred audio format (CD, iPod, etc.). A dressing room will be needed before, during and after programs. We also request that the host facility provide water (bottled) for the dancers.


We understand that part of our ministry is to publicly share what God has done in our lives individually. In order to do this, Anastasis dancers will share their testimony during a program. Please let us know if sharing a testimony is something you would like to be included in your program. 


Anastasis is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and operates primarily through donations. All financial gifts to Anastasis are tax-deductable. While Anastasis does not have a set price for programs, honorariums, love offerings or donations are needed and appreciated. Suggested donations can be discussed at the time of booking.